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I'll never forget laying eyes on her in a bar on a Sunday. well sorta) was fucking trouble. Lady was special though - standing almost feet tall her legs went on forever. I used to put my arm around ftv girls free her and just rest it on her perfect bubble butt.

In fact, she was my fucking kryptonite. I have a weakness for tall girls with legs that never end and she has a thing for men with big shoulders. To really appreciate this story you need to know that Lady was crazy. You know how they say never stick your dick in crazy? Lady always made sure she stood out.

Every once and awhile, despite your best efforts, you end up with a girl that you know is trouble. While you may stick your dick in crazy I highly recommend not dating crazy but that is another story for another time. First you have to know that Lady and I weren't exactly dating. We weren't exclusive and it was that weird mid twenties time of my life where I would date a girl but not make her my gf so I could bang other women (you don't need to tell me what a dick move that is I know).

The next thing you need to know is Lady always told me she was bi. We made I contact and I think we both knew we were in trouble. I've always found myself attracted to weird chicks - the kind that stand out in a crowd. While I never had first hand knowledge of the fact she told me she used photos ftv to date women.

This story is about the time that being on the same sexual page with a person made magic happen. The two of us would occasionally frequent a British Pub in her town. At lbs a strong wind could take her way sometimes if she wasn't anchored ftvgils down.

This was a place that her "friend" Sara worked. Now, friend is in quotations because if you met Lady once in your life she was your "friend". It turns out they met at the bar and talked a few times not quite friends yet. At the time I didn't know if Sara and her were actually friends or just acquaintances. She never had any problem ftv lingrie commenting on girls with me and LOVED to watch lesbian porn.

Somehow Lady talked her way into having Sara invite us over to her place one random Tuesday night. So I took her at her word. I'm left in the living room and I'm perfectly content zoning out in front of the TV and drinking a beer. Apparently Sara and her BF were having some issues and she needed some support.

The plan was to go ftv melissa over and down a few while she sobbed on Lady's shoulder. After about an hour I'm bored and the two of them are tipsy. For some reason Lady brings up the idea to play truth or dare. I have no plan but I am willing to ride this idea to see how it plays out. Turns out none of us have ever really played in earnest before so we set the rules simple.

Fortune favors the bold. One person asks another truth or dare - they have to answer truthfully or do the dare or else it's bottle to lips. We get to her place and the two of them start talking. We decide not to rotate an the person who completes the last challenge picks the next person to go.

After about an hour we are still fairly tame but we are all a lot more drunk than before. It's Sara's turn, she asks Lady, she says dare and Sara (thinking she is being tame) dares Lady to kiss kme. Simple questions just to get each other into it.

Here is where things start to takeoff. It's people and a bottle of whiskey. I figured fuck it and went in for a full on two minute makeout and grope session. There was an awkward pause before the next round. We start off real easy. So now it is Lady's turn and she dares Sara to close her eyes until she says open them.

After I pulled up I saw Sara just staring mouth open. Sara then goes back to Lady and lady takes truth. Lady dares me to give Sara and shoulder rub. At this point Lady and I couldn't keep our hands off each other so she tells Sara right before we came over. I guess I wanted to see how much I could get away with before she felt uncomfortable. I got behind Sara and stared rubbing her shoulders.

Sara was the definition of adorable - ' and petite with curves (see butt and boobs) with fiery red hair and and room lighting smile. Ok interesting move I thought. I dared Lady to rub her feet. A line was being crossed here and I was very ok with it. Sara asks her when the last time she had sex was. images.con I can't tell you how I knew but I did. Lets see what else we can get away with. If you have any questions with regards to where and how to use ftvgils, you can get hold of us at the web-site. I wasn't sure where it was going but hey I was willing to find out. I saw her hands touching Sara. I looked right down at Lady as my hands moved rhythmically on Sara's shoulders. She slowly relaxed and just melted into the rub. We were sharing a mutual touch with this woman we really barely knew and then our eyes locked.

Just like that Lady slipped her mouth down to Sara's toe. I was still going over Sara's shoulder and I felt her instantly melt. In only the way a woman can be sensual she presser slowly worked the tips of her toes with her tongue. For all the bs between us I knew that when I looked in here eyes we were going after the same thing. It was my turn to be bold now.

I moved my hands to the outside of Sara's shoulders and I invaded the now vacant space with my lips. After a minute Lady looked back up at me. Sara hesitantly kicked off her shoes and Lady started to rub her feet.

She REALLY liked what was happening. I pressed delicately against her neck and was rewarded with the softest little moan. Not to me outdone Lady slowly moved up Sara's leg from her feet to her calves to her thighs and stopped briefly there. This was what she wanted but couldn't ever ask for.

Here was the do or die moment for the both for of us. Sara just faintly moaned. She teased the inside of her thigh while I went back to work on Sara's neck. We wanted Sara, we wanted her for us, and we wanted her now. I could feel her heartbeat quicken. If we were going in the two of us were going all the way. She lingered on her leg while I worked my hands down to the side of her breasts.

" Lady wasted no time and slipped Sara's shorts off. This woke Sara up from her trance and suddenly she was confronted with the fact that she had on her neck and breasts with my growing erection slowly pressing harder into her back while her friend Lady was starting to burrow her way into her pussy.

The next time I looked down Lady's head was buried in between Sara's legs. I worked my way up Sara's neck to her mouth and we started to make out. Then Lady went for it - she pressed her long fingers beneath her shorts and up against her pussy. After a few minutes Lady came up for air and dsaid the sexiest words I have ever heard' "Do you want a taste Daddy? We stayed like this for sometime - Lady going to town while Sara and me shared and perfect kiss.

Whatever hesitancy she showed quickly subsided and she relaxed with a smile and the only two words she would say for the next minutes: "Yes please. At this pointed I wanted in. It was an amazing sight to see these two adorable girls laid next to each other sharing the most sensual kiss. I took her spot between Sara's legs while she laid down right next to her.

I felt her press back into my head and from there it was just go. I couldn't resist and longer and pushed my cock to the entrance of Sara's pussy. I slid into her while she and Lady continued to kiss. Lady walked her fingertips to the edge of Sara's shorts and slipped them beneath.

Lady took Sara's hands and led it to her own pussy. Lady and I switched places. I could tell every time Lady did something that she liked because Sara would press her tongue into me hard. So here you have me fucking Sara while Sara starts to finger Lady. " My cock went from rock hard to diamond cutter as I broke my kiss with Sara to taste Lady's pussy soaked lips.

Everything is too hot and I won't hold out much longer. Sara reached down with her fee hand and directs me right onto her stomach where I make a hardy deposit. I tell them I'm about to cum right before I pull out. She arches her back and presses into me. I get up and go to the bathroom.

I hear the two of them moaning as they make out. Lady and I decide to spend the night. The rest of the night is spent half asleep, half making out, and half going a little further. Poor Lady never got off though! We left the next morning and I made sure to take care of her when we got back to my place. We get in Sara's bed with her in the middle of me and Lady.

I move from a gentle slide to an earnest fucking. By the time I get back I see the two of them with goofy grins on their face cuddled arm and arm together. We all giggle for a second as the reality of the situation hits us. I pick up the pace because honestly I don't want to hold back.
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