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He assured me that he doesn't intend on stealing her away from me, and he can tell that she wants me more than any other guy. If you have any concerns pertaining to in which and how to use ftv violet, you can contact us at the site. Anthony even tried to hook me up with some female friends of his, but I really just like seeing my wife have her fun. My wife and I are having fun.

She has had some good times with a new co worker named Anthony. I met up with him one day and he seems cool. My friend has seen pics of my wife before. It was mostly by accident, when I was flipping through my pictures on my phone and I innocently forgot to hide her pics like I normally do.

He got out before my wife did, so he met me at our place. Anthony was hanging out after work this week. My wife got home and went into our room to change out of her work clothes. We were having some drinks along with a friend of mine.

She normally wears loose fitting clothes and no bra. I always grab a feel as I walk by her. He never asked any questions, neither does he know about Anthony and her. I could tell that she was uncomfortable, especially since she was home and was expecting to relax.

My wife tells me that she was going to be in the room since she was bored. We both love the great comments and feedback, but there's something missing. We all see a show about women that take stripper classes to excite their husbands as well as getting a good workout. Me and the guys were playing games on the X Box that I rarely use.

This time since we had company, she wore a bra. More fun than posting pics. We all decide to stop and we start flipping melissa matters fisting through the channels on TV. We all say that she is ridiculous to think that. My friend suggests that we stop playing and include her. We all laughed at the thought. I suggested that she do a little strip tease for us.

Anthony tells my wife to get up from the couch and twirls her around. I then quickly searched online and pulled up Ginuwine's "pony" song. She said that she wouldn't do it because she is too fat to get on a pole. Once the song started to play, I told my wife to dance.

Anthony asks my lilian ftv wife if she would ever do that. I always told my wife that she would be good dancing to that song. My friend gave me a look as if to see if I was serious or not. They pulled out a few dollars and my wife started to dance. I told them to pull out their money and show her that they were serious.

Her ass was in their face, and you could see her nude pic ftv new models pussy lips dying to come out from under her panties. She got up and turned around. My friend was in shock. He tells her that he would "make it rain" if he was in a strip club and she was dancing there. She turned around and dropped her pajama bottoms nude pics of ftv girls and bent down to grab her ankles.

Anthony slapped her ass and put a bill in between her panties. She took her bra off from under her shirt and threw it at me. He put a dollar in his mouth and told my wife to bring her tits over to him. My friend was loosening up.

Anthony grabbed her and pulled her over to him. So, she is now sitting on him with her back facing him. I was impressed that she was so good at this. All of us were sitting right next to each other. He told her that he had something for her and ftv violet put a dollar in his underwear.

She got on top of him and put her tits in her face and grabbed the dollar. She unbuckled his pants and pulled them down. She started to rub his huge cock from the outside of his underwear. She grabbed his cock and kissed it. I got and grabbed her. He then put his hand in her panties and began to finger her.

I told her that was enough and I grabbed her and took her to our room. ftv girls username password She quickly moved his hand and got on her knees. She pulled them off too and saw the dollar. "Thank you", she said and got back up. She then slowly took her shirt ftv girl taylor off. She thought she did something wrong.

I pulled her up and put my dick in her mouth. She sucked me off until I came in her mouth. She saw that the guys were confused and both were almost ready to leave. I then told her to come back out and finish having fun with the guys. She was in control the entire time. She got up and let my friend begin to fuck her from behind. I threw her on the bed and hiked her legs up onto my shoulders.

She mentioned to me before how much she liked Anthony's cock, so she wanted to keep sucking it while the other guy was pounding her. I was just so horny that I wanted to fuck her without the guys joining in. I began to fuck her a little rough then I felt like I was going to cum. She was grabbing Anthony's balls while sucking then going down to the point where she could stick her tongue out and lick them.

She did that a couple of times and Anthony blew his load on her face. While that was going on, my friend is fucking her hard from behind. That feels so good when she does that to me so I know he was loving it. They both get completely naked and she gets down to suck both of them off.

He then pulled out and shot his load on her ass and back. She was having so much fun. She told them to get undressed because she felt weird with them having so much clothes on. I was so turned on seeing her like that. He was grabbing on her tits getting good handfuls for more momentum. The guys left shortly after. He said that he's going to plan something for us to do at his place. She excused herself and went to take a shower.

Anthony text me later telling me that he had so much fun. At this point, she is all sweaty and covered in cum. He mentioned that he also wants to get me to fuck some of his lady friends. I might take him up on the offer this time.
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