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Good looking, very well mannered, and very focused. Not the kind of guy that would catch my attention at the time. I was writing about my husband I met my husband during the second semester of my junior year in college. John (my husband) has a brilliant mind, but he just could not grasp the concepts of sys ops.

As luck would have it, John and I were put into the same group for a mid-semester project, along with two other students. We were both taking a Systems Operations class, even though he was a senior who was ready to graduate. It quickly became evident that John and I would be carrying the bulk of the work. He was the quiet, nerdy type, but the cool hip kind of nerd. Through our work on this project, we got to know each other a bit and developed some great rapport.

Even though John had trouble with sys ops specific concepts, he was a math wiz and would be able to run numbers in seconds in his head. Probably more back story than most of you like, but I couldn't help it. Once we wrapped the project, he asked me out on a date. But I still did well in class and was usually a standout student.

It turned out that although usually quiet, he was quite funny when he f tv naked got comfortable. I was surprised, but ecstatic since I didn't think he would actually make a move. Parties, bars, frats and sororities kind of girl. While ordinarily, me going on a date would pretty much mean I was planning on sleeping with the guy that night, I wanted to approach this differently.

I wasn't thinning marriage or anything like that; just a nice guy who made laugh and I'd want to spend my time with. At this point in my college life, I had slept around a lot. I ran in more rowdy circles. At this point, I had really grown to like him and admittedly developed a small crush.

The night came and he came by my dorm to pick me up. A lot of one night stands, random hookups, friends with benefits, etc. I had a lot of fun going out and meeting new people, but John was the kind of guy I could actually see myself in a relationship with. The way he comported himself was so great. He came very well dressed.

It was nice and quiet which allowed us to have some great conversation about hobbies, family; you know, the things you talk about when getting to know someone. He was treating me like a lady and was genuinely interested in what I was saying rather than acting like he was so he could get me in bed at the end of the night. This was a major turn on for me and I wanted to jump his bones.

After our meal we walked to a cute little bakery where he bought us some cannolis and coffee. We had a nice walk to a local family run restaurant. We spent another hour and a half at the bakery and left only because they were closing. Details like freshly cleaned shoes, trimmed nails, matching belt, etc. I swore to myself I would comport myself like a decent young lady and let this date be just that, a date.

I started to flirt more and more as the night went on. I was pretty damn horny at this point. We were almost out of the park when I spotted a large tree off to the right of the walking path. Accidental touching, little sexual innuendos which he would just laugh off instead of pressing the subject, leaning over a little more than a needed to; that kind of stuff.

Already it was different as I usually just met the guys at whatever place we were going. Big enough to provide cover and dark enough to not be easily seen. We started making out, hard. We took the long way back to campus and cut across a large park. He tried to take my hands away from it but failed.

Once I had him free from his belt, it wasn't hard to undo his pants and pull his cock out. I immediately squatted down. I just tried to get behind the tree as quickly as possible. He was in the middle of telling me about some study he had helped on when I grabbed his hand and dragged him towards the tree. In case you liked this information as well as you want to acquire guidance about sex pothos i implore you to pay a visit to our web-page. When we did, I pushed him against it and planted my lips on his.

It was pretty well lit with only a few dark spots. " I say as I reach back into his boxers. As we were doing that, my hands found his belt which I started to undo. I'm wasn't expecting anything other than a nice date with you" he contested as he attempted to wrangle his dick back into his pants. We don't have to do this. I started to really work him.

We kept talking and I just kept getting more and more attracted to him. My hand had slobber all upskirt over 18 from it leaking down his shaft as I worked him with my hand as well. " As I pull his cock back out. "Want to" right before I wrap my lips around the head of his cock.

I heard him exhale and mumble something like "oh, fuck". I couldn't help but touch myself under my dress as well. But when I sensed it, I sucked that much harder. Finally, when he came, he ended up grabbing the back of my head and pushing it against his crotch. That did it for me, and all of sudden I was climaxing as well.

The surpriae of my own orgasm didn't allow me to concentrate on swallowing his load as he came, so it ended up spilling out. He kept my head against his crotch and his dick against my throat. I was bobbing my head back and forth so fast that I couldn't help but make slurping sounds. I lost track of time but I know it was quite a while before he started to show that he was close.

I started to gag a bit. I pulled the top of my dress down and out his cock between my boobs and slid chest up and down his dick. I was breathing hard but more so from my orgasm than the gagging. " He started to say sophie ftv erotica while trying to pull away from me, but I had him pinned against the tree.

A couple of people walked by at some point because John xxx sex girl with girl tried to warn me but I didn't care. He stopped fighting it. It was an instinct thing. I stood up and leaned against the tree next to him as a caught my breath. " I cut him off, "It's fine" I said. "I liked it" He took off the dress shirt he was wearing and started using it to clean up the cum that was left on around my mouth and on my hand.

"Listen, I'm danielle ftv busty lilly sorry about grabbing your head. "Oh " I giggle, "thanks. I was surprised and he must have seen the look on my face. "Don't ruin your shirt" I say to him "Well I'm not going to let you walk the rest of the way with it all over you still" he said.

This was the first comment of that sort he had made to me. " I pull up my top and put the straps back on my shoulders. The next day, I felt like an idiot. "Unless you want to" he added smiling while he cleaned me up. "Ummm" he said pointing at my bare chest.

On Monday when he walked into class he took the seat next to me and handed me a small flower. Here was a guy who was genuinely interested in me and what I had to say, and I just made myself into just another girl. Eventually he let my head go. But alas, things worked out. The date was a little different than how he normally approaches it, but he still had a lot of fun and wanted to continue to see me.

"And here I thought you were a gentleman" I joked back. After class we grabbed lunch. All because I couldn't control myself. Of course I did the girl thing and said that he must think so little of me now and whatnot be he assured me he didn't think any less of me than before.

"Guess we just had to loosen you up" We stood there for a few more minutes just settling down, and finally made our way back to the walkway. As it turned out, he already knew about my reputation (which I didn't know I had at the time) and that although I was definitely out of the ordinary for him, getting to know me as a result of the project really sparked something for him.

Almost fourteen years later, and I'm still giving him blowjobs after dates.
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